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Name:Anastasia Beaverhausen
Birthdate:Oct 28
I'm Kitty, I'm thirty-two, have a BA in history and philosophy as of May 2009, and briefly dabbled in academia as a a political science graduate student and teaching assistant. Working in the mental health field now.

I'm a history geek -- Russian history from the Revolution (the Bolsheviks in particular) to the Cold War. I wrote my thesis on Cold War foreign policy from Truman to Kennedy. I also have a major thing for Napoleon Bonaparte (thus my default icon).

I am a politico and policy wonk -- I consider myself a progressive independent, but I certainly lean left. I do my best to be strictly even-handed and read as much from both sides of the aisle as I can, and I love to talk to people about politics, policy, and the way they feel about how American government (or government in general, really) should work.

I consider myself a Twitter activist. Follow me on Twitter here.

My fic can be found in these various places, in order of most-updated:
- Archive of Our Own (or AO3)
- My Masterlist
- My LJ tags
- Fanfiction.Net
- My IJ archive, ficatory
- My page at FictionAlley (not updated since 2005)

The most large-scale fic project I'm involved in (with [personal profile] dramaturgy, my dearest Liz) is [profile] fathersandsons, a Harry Potter epic fic that kind of defies description besides WEREWOLVES.

A short list of fandoms I consider myself a part of:
- Harry Potter
- Supernatural
- Doctor Who/Torchwood
- Sherlock
- Rent
- Dollhouse
- The West Wing
- Marble Hornets/Slenderman Mythos
- Good Omens
- Grey's Anatomy
- Heroes
- Girl Genius
- Firefly/Serenity
- ... and many more. A wandering minstrel I a thing of shreds and etc.

With regards to graphics: I DON'T make graphics (okay, except for my bad history ones), so anything that is uncredited is so because I found said graphic somewhere ELSE where it was uncredited. If you notice I have one of yours, tell me and I'll credit.

There are motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane, ladies and gentlemen.
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